The Hardest Part About Escorting

In this article, I was able to collect some information about male sex workers and what they feel about the world of escorting. I just had a discussion with a couple of male escorts who have been in the escort industry for awhile. They are all in their twenties, and all of them had a couple of things to reveal which I thought were interesting and I sure think that you will find it interesting as well. The instances that you will read will be quoted, which means that you will be reading the experiences directly said by them.

“I was in university when I started escorting. I certainly did not join an agency, but I needed the money, and I did not have time to hold a job. I was a virgin, and this guy came to me, and he said that he would pay me $200 for 20 minutes of sex. It would take me all week to make that kind of money, so I agreed because it also helped my ego. This guy was married and also had kids, so the stereotype is true. After the first time, he actually liked me a lot and asked for my number. I found myself enjoying the experience and so I gave it to him.

He started calling me every week, and I easily made $1000 every month, and I was enjoying it a lot. He used to be very inventive every time, as well. He would also talk about his experiences and how he met his partner and everything that he felt like talking about. I found that he was a great guy. He even agreed to pay me more as long as I would use that money to pay off my student loans, which I did. The hardest part would be the fact that I could not hold onto a relationship with anyone else. I had to hide this side of me, and that was really problematic.”

“One of the hardest experiences that I have faced with an escort is that the client that I was seeing once wanted to include another person. I had never done that and he kind of surprised me with it. I tried to have a good time, but it was just bumpy and weird for me. He knew that I did not have a good time and made me get used to threesomes. Sometimes you just have to do what the client wants as long as it is reasonable.”

“I would not say that I have had a hard time, but it has been stressful. Even though the money is great, sometimes you just get tired of it. All I tell myself is that now is the time to hustle and I push myself.”