Brunette escorts

Some people think that Brunette escorts are girls with a certain shade of brown hair, or that it includes all shades of dark hair. However, neither of these are the case. If an escort has brown hair, she is indeed a brunette. So, sit back, relax and enjoy taking a scroll through all of the escorts with brown hair we have actively working with our escort agency! 

It has been said for a long time that men prefer blondes to brunettes. However, this is also not the case. Men actually find brunette escorts to be more attractive, more classy and in general to be more GFE (girlfriend experience) material. 

If you like a woman who has a mysterious look to her, then we are confident that brunette escorts will be more your thing. Gentlemen always seems to think that brunettes are more mysterious looking than their light haired counterparts. Apparently, a brunette escort will smile less in her photographs on the website and therefore, appear to have a sultry look of mystery about her, that clients love! 

More so, brunette escorts are seen as being more hard working and business minded. As well as being more intelligent and trustworthy. With this being embedded into our minds – It is no wonder that gentlemen will choose a brunette escort to have an encounter with. 

Brunette escorts are also known for being much better in the sheets than girls with any other hair colour. A study done in 2013, with over 2,500 male participants, showed that 56% of men consider that a brunette escort is much better in bed. 

Men have these ideas in their heads through experience, which has shown them that this is all very true, indeed. Our clients know that our brunette escort girls are prized companions for a multitude of reasons. Be it an encounter with a party atmosphere, one which needs class or elegance or simply one which requires a lot of high energy bedroom fun; or a combination of these things! You will be absolutely blown away by the high standard of brunette escorts, which soulfully work with our number one escort agency. 

Escorts with brunette coloured hair are, indeed, all round perfection. Not only being seen as having the better personalities and being more talented in the bedroom. They are seen as being the most overall attractive girls too! 

You will find all the brunette  escorts on our website, below, to be actively working with genuine photographs and profiles: